Authenticity, Sustainability and Competitiveness are what set us apart


Authentic wines reflect their origin, they are a result of local growing conditions and culture. In order for a wine to be authentic and have a sense of place, it needs to be made with as little intervention as possible, but also be free of faults. We apply a holistic, non-dogmatic approach to viticulture and winemaking. We call this approach sympathetic winemaking.


Sustainability for us means being good viticulturists, winemakers, business people and citizens. In short, it is about being happy with what we do for a living, beyond a question of marketing. The team of Peninsula genuinely cares about running a company that is sustainable from all points of view: environmental, social and economic.


Our company is designed to be structurally more competitive than others and is therefore able to create superior value for our customers at each price level. The key element in our strategy is to perfectly align and optimize all assets and decisions along the value chain.

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