We create value for our customers by carefully aligning all assets and decisions from vineyard to market. We do not invest in anything that would make our wines more expensive without making them better, like empty marketing, expensive architecture or other unproductive costs or assets. We do however invest heavily and continuously in everything that contributes to the personality, sustainability and value of our wines, in particular human resources, viticulture, and lean, efficient winemaking facilities. The following diagram summarizes our approach for value creation.

Our model for value creation

• Coherent, integrated business design from vineyard to glass
• No innecessary assets or costs
• Integrated quality mgt system

• Balanced yields / sustainable irrigation
• Organic viticulture / IPM
• Mgt of estates as integrated ecosystems
• CO2 accounting & management
• Energy efficiency
• Healthy finances, long-term view
• Fair, long-term grape contracts

• Authentic, fresh, contemporary
• Best price-quality ratio
• Organic, sustainable
• Attractive design
• Exclusive to our partners
• Long-term price stability

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